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 Maximo License Monitoring-unable to see assign user in the select action menu at Maximo versoin

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Rajesh Gajendran's profile image
Rajesh Gajendran posted 01-04-2022 15:41
Hi All,

Any one have tried to create LIC monitoring in maximo that it is not showing the action menu for the dialog box to assign user to the particular license .

Is it any workaround to this matter please?

Rajesh Gajendran

Stepsbelow are unable to do 

Assigning licenses to users

The cron task automatically assigns authorized licenses to top users. Optionally, you can override the automatic assignments by assigning one or more licenses to users. For example, you can assign authorized licenses to your system administrators.

About this task

If you do not assign all your licenses to users, the cron task assigns the remaining licenses to top users.


  1. In the License Usage Monitor application, select the Assign Licences to Users action.
  2. In the Assign Licenses to Users dialog box, add a row to the table, specify the user and license to be assigned, and then click OK.
Assigning licenses to users - IBM Documentation
Bruno Portaluri's profile image
Bruno Portaluri
I'm looking at a Maximo I have no action menu to assign users to a license.
However, i can see a 'Users association' table at the bottom of the main tab and a button 'New row' to add users.
I do not use that function because the License Monitor (if configured) is able to detect licenses and populate automatically the table in the 'License Use' tab.
Hope it helps.