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 IBM Maximo Technician issues on iPad 6th Gen

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posted 06-11-2021 16:35
We are having serious issues with IBM Maximo Anywhere Technician app.  URL will unexpectedly just erase after install, must be reinstalled every time, multiple unrelated times on the same iPad.  After iOS is updated, app will no longer connect to the server until it is reinstalled.  App is running on iPad 6th Gen.  This is causing business disruption.  Any info is welcome.  Thanks.
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We've seen a variety of issues with Anywhere but I can't say we've seen where it needs to be reinstalled because it can't connect to the server and definitely never where the URL has been erased. Are your users unable to login entirely or are they showing as connected in disconnected mode? If they've used Anywhere on the device, even if they can't login currently, it should allow them to use the apps in offline mode. If not it almost seems like the app was reinstalled (perhaps via MDM software)? 

What version of Maximo Anywhere are you currently on? And are you using the app from the iOS store or building the apps natively? With native builds the URLs are embedded into the IPA files. With store builds you have to provide it on first login. 

This might not be something you're aware of, but do you know if the network traffic goes over a VPN to hit the Maximo/MobileFirst server? The reason I ask this is that's a setup we don't use (our Maximo environments are publicly available) and I could see that leading to issues that would prevent it from connecting to the system. It shouldn't cause the URL to be erased though.