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#TipTuesday - Redesigned Community Library!

  • 1.  #TipTuesday - Redesigned Community Library!

    Posted 06-15-2021 18:50

    Hello everyone,

    We're excited to introduce the MORE Community's newly redesigned resource library! All libraries on the Community were updated to a new interface that will help you find the resources you need and improve your experience. 

    We are so excited for this update! There are a few new features of the library we want to tell you about:

    1. You'll notice a carousel of documents at the top of the page. These will include the most popular resources in the library, and some groups may have important resources "pinned" to the top. 

    1. When you select a file in the resource library below, a new preview panel will appear on the right side. This allows you to learn more about a resource before downloading it or viewing the whole entry. 

    • We've also updated the folder navigation, added a new tile view, and added new sort & filter options. 

    Take some time to explore the MORE Community's new Resource Library and contact us if you have any questions about the new experience!



    MORE Community Manager


    Mackenzie Sangster
    Community Manager
    MORE Maximo Community