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Spare Parts and Spare Part Auto Add in Maximo

  • 1.  Spare Parts and Spare Part Auto Add in Maximo

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 03-21-2022 13:52

    Inventory has been an integral part of Maximo for decades. This has included subtle connections with assets (or equipment in earlier versions such as 4i). The object SPAREPART is known to appear in the Assets application in the lower portion of the Spare Parts tab. This data is viewed from the inventory point of view in the Inventory application on the Where Used tab. Two things to note.

    First, this data is available and useful in a host of other applications including Job Plans, Work Order Tracking / Quick Reporting, and Procurement applications. So, although 'hyperlink' or 'go-to application x' functionality exists and will continue, there is usually a button for 'Select Spare Parts'.
    This means that you are typically just a button press away from a value list/domain of item numbers and select options. When you have 20 or 30 thousand parts or more, these shortcuts come in handy.

    Additionally, you can usually see a place to change the asset number, in case you want to get parts from a different asset, rather than searching through the entire catalog. You can select from the dialog without copying to the windows clipboard, and often select more than 1 row as well, to further simplify the process.

    Second, updating the data from the front end of the application can be done in multiple ways. The obvious is clicking the 'new' button in Assets or in Inventory, to enter the corresponding record. The second, however, is the 'Add as a Spare Part?' option on the Item Master. As shown below by screens from Maximo 4.1.1 and, this is not new functionality.

    This 'spare part auto add' feature will create the association between an asset number and an item number, when the item is issued to a work order and that asset number is present, if the association is not already present. So, in addition to being able to manually add the spare part associations, Maximo will do it for you, simply based on you issuing the items to work orders with the asset identified on the work order.

    Yes, this is a blessing and a curse, so on use where it makes sense for your industry and the inventory you manage. Supplies are in inventory and can even include office supplies, but typically, these would not be using this functionality. The current example of a mechanical seal, typically would. Choose wisely and continue to maximize Maximo!


    Christopher Winston
    Projetech Inc.