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Purchase Order Help

  • 1.  Purchase Order Help

    Posted 04-28-2021 12:09
    I have several aged POs with multiple lines. On each of the records several of the POLINES are marked Receipts Complete and I can see these transactions. I would like to CLOSE these old PO records. I can see the Complete Receipts link in the Select Action dropdown and If I were to use that option what would happen? Would I have now received the all the unchecked lines, affected INVBALANCES, and debited a GL account line?  How much trouble am I in?  Thanks

    Charles Bowers

  • 2.  RE: Purchase Order Help

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 04-28-2021 13:23
    Hi Charles.

    The complete receipts option is used to highlight that we no longer need to actually receive the materials/services against the POs and is used before closing the PO so that the receipts status becomes complete without actually doing the receiving.

    You can run the inventory transaction report post a sample transaction to check the balances sheet against a GL or work order.I can help you with the SQL query to get the inventory transactions master report for a given period.

    Hope this helps


    Mahadevan Ramakrishnan

  • 3.  RE: Purchase Order Help

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 04-28-2021 15:02
    Hi Charles,

    The Complete Receipts functionality in Purchase Orders is different than the Receiving application in Maximo. Think of Complete Receipts like this... You ordered something from a vendor and it went on backorder. You ordered AND received it from another vendor and know that you are not going to receive it from the first vendor. As long as you know that you will never need to receive what is on the open PO lines, it is ok to run the Complete Receipts action on the PO and get the receipt status of the whole PO from Partial to Complete. It does not process anything into the storeroom. 

    However, if you ever actually receive those items, you will not be able to receive them on this PO. You cannot void the Complete Receipts action and open those lines back up to receive them into your storeroom. So, I would look carefully at the lines that are not in the receipts complete status before you run the action. 

    Another reason to use the Complete Receipts action in POs is on services that are billed by the hour. Sometimes there is time remaining on the PO, but the contract expires. You are never going to be billed for those remaining hours, so you will never be receiving them. Using the Complete Receipts action on a PO like this makes it so that you cannot receive those additional hours.

    Anne Antonelli
    Technology Training & Consulting, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Purchase Order Help

    Posted 04-29-2021 06:56
    Thanks to all who responded to my question.  I appreciate your help and will be doing some local training using points from your comments. Thank You again.

    Charles Bowers