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Missed attachments from Asset application

  • 1.  Missed attachments from Asset application

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 2 days ago
    Hello All,

    We have faced a strange scenario where recently we observed that there have been couple of cases where the attached documents are missing from assets and we confirmed the same as one of our development environments was not refreshed since a long time and we could see the documents attached in the assets which the user reported.

    Also,the user confirmed that there is no way that they could have deleted the attachments as there are lot of assets and they have not done it even by mistake also.

    We checked the attachments on the server and we can see that the documents does exist in the attachments directory but they are no longer linked to the assets.What can be the way to solve this issue as a temporary work around,do we have to run an insert query on doclinks object and proceed?Also,how many objects would have got affected as we would have to prepare the necessary scripts.

    Also,our challenge is how to find out the missing assets and other objects(work orders,locations,etc) where the attachments could have possibly got removed.

    Kind assistance required.

    Mahadevan Ramakrishnan

  • 2.  RE: Missed attachments from Asset application

    Posted 15 hours ago
    This is what I would do:
    1. Get a list of all the docs currently attached.   Something like "Select urlname from docinfo;"
    2. Get a filesystem list of the files on the doclinks. Something like "cd /doclinks && find "$PWD" " (or the equvalent for your OS)
    3. Run a diff against both lists. This should provide a list of all the documents that exist on the file system but are not attached.
    4. Check the docinfo table on your old filesystem to see if these documents exist in there. If they do, export the entries and (after validating), import them into prod.
    5. Provide the remaining list to subject matter experts so they can manually attach them, or so they can tell you what asset/location/workorder/ the attachment belongs to.

    Good luck!

    Jorge Collado
    Orange County Utilities