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Maximo for Service Providers

  • 1.  Maximo for Service Providers

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi MORE Community, 

    We are planning to implement Maximo for Service Providers on our existing core Maximo v There is not much documentation or information available out there. Looking to connect to design leads or groups who've implemented Maximo for SP and if there are any best practices, use cases, discussions specific to it. 

    Best Regards,
    Megha Tatiya


  • 2.  RE: Maximo for Service Providers

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 23 days ago
    Actually, there is quite a bit. Start with IBM Community Search for Service Provider and that should get you to

    SP Report Booklet
    What's New in SP
    Service Provider Redbook

    With a little digging through the Library and from there, use the tree to navigate to 'Other Maximo Products' and you should get to a little bit more:

    Christopher Winston
    Projetech Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Maximo for Service Providers

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 22 days ago
    Service provider has a lot of functionality available and serves two distinct types of customers. Are you looking to support internal customers (IE an IT operation) or are you looking to support external customers? Are you looking to utilize the billing functionality? Or are you more focused on using it from a SLA compliance perspective?

    If you're interested in billing, that can be a long discussion because there are discussions to be had around how prices are defined, when transactions are billed, how the customer accepts the bill (are you going to provide them access to Maximo to use the bill review application or not), etc. My best advice is to keep pricing as simple as possible (either flat rate or consistent markup). The more complicated the logic the more difficult it is to maintain and the harder it is to explain to the customer.

    This goes for most products, but especially for Service Provider when you're using it for billing, stay current on patches. Patching can be disruptive, but you need to avoid bugs during the billing process so staying as current as you reasonably can is important.

    I think working with a partner/IBM makes sense for implementing a new Maximo product. Having the discussions about your specific use cases and how the product aligns (or doesn't align) with those use cases is critical to being successful. I think on forums you can get high level information but you really need deeper conversations to avoid a bad implementation.

    Steven Shull

  • 4.  RE: Maximo for Service Providers

    Posted 19 days ago
    Thank you for both of  your response.


    Billing is one for our most complicated logic so we will have to see how we incorporate that. 

    I do agree on your point of working with Partner, right now I am just working on a POC to check the high level functionality. And that's what I realized, Customer Billing is a very complicated application and not much use cases info or videos available to see it in action on how other IBM users might be using it.

    Thank you,

    Megha Tatiya