Scalable, mobile and sustainable: the three imperatives for modern asset management

When:  Jun 17, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Today’s asset-intensive operations face challenges from every angle: customer demands, relentless competitors, an aging workforce, supply chain disruptions and sustainability requirements. Yet with every challenge comes opportunity. ​​

Join IBM and our guests from IDC, Aquitas, Omnio, Samsung and SRO as we discuss these three imperatives dependent on modernized enterprise asset management (EAM). Discover why your ability to scale your asset data and processes is the best predictor of a successful operation. Hear the trends driving mobile adoption and why it’s foundational for the next generation of technicians. And learn how new evolutions in EAM lead to “doing well by doing good,” creating a healthier planet and a stronger organization. IBM is a leading provider of solutions designed to streamline your asset operations. Leveraging market-leading Maximo EAM, we offer configurable CMMS, EAM and APM applications to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs. ​

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM
Building a Resilient Operation Through Mobile Asset Management

Making the field technician’s job simpler and more productive is the goal of an asset-intensive organization. Giving that technician access to work instructions, optimized schedules, remote experts, intelligent diagnostics, safety systems, and asset history is critical to drive more efficiency, productivity and control costs. A mobile solution puts that resiliency directly in the palm of your technician's hand. Join this engaging, interactive conversation with guest speakers from IDC, Aquitas Solutions and Samsung as we discuss the future of maintenance and service operations. You’ll also walk away with a better understanding of the key role mobility has in building a resilient operation.

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
“Doing well by doing good”- why sustainable operations are good for everyone​

Our assets, like buildings, energy grids, vehicles and industrial equipment, are key contributors to the sustainability challenges we face today. But did you know that good asset management practices – some you may already employ – can be part of the solution?​

Join IDC and IBM for a thoughtful discussion on the role of sustainability in asset-intensive operations. You’ll hear practical ways to contribute to your organization’s sustainability strategy, see real-world examples of those who are getting it right, and learn why sustainable practices aren’t just good for the earth, they’re good for the bottom line, too. ​

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Journey to Predict: Understanding the Love Languages of an IoT Implementation​

IoT still has much distance to cover in being widely accepted as an industry standard asset management practice. In many cases, the challenge in launching these implementation projects is getting all the decisions makers on the same page to progress forward effectively. Aligning corporate strategy with maintenance department level objectives requires understanding of the different “love languages” involved.

Quickly scale your asset monitoring and predictive maintenance strategy with unified data

In this fireside chat, we will discuss the challenges of and solutions to rolling out remote asset monitoring across large diverse industrial device fleets. Implementing remote asset monitoring solutions, like IBM Maximo Monitor, will increase operational visibility and enable yourmaintenance teams to better see, predict and prevent issues.However, in order to implement remote monitoring solutions at scale, all your relevant devices and data needs to be integrated. This can be a daunting challenge since device fleets are often legacy and highly diverse. Mapping and unifying dataas part of the integration process can be cost and time prohibitive.

To make this process faster and easier, IBM has partnered with Omnio, an industry leader in connecting operational technology (OT) to IT systems andunifying the data for use in a wide range of IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives, including predictive maintenance and asset health.Omnio enables IBM Maximo customers to integrate devices in a few easy steps and present the device data in a unified format to Maximo Monitor. This means customers no longer need to read device manuals, create and maintain custom code or test device integrations. With IBM Maximo Monitor and Omnio, it has never been easier or faster to scale out your asset monitoring capabilities.

Scaling asset management systems in disconnected environments 

Data flow between disparate sites and moving platforms poses a challenge for complex industrial businesses. How can you run your business when your teams question the data, or spend time chasing it. Join this fireside chat session to hear Joe and Neil discuss how to enable your asset management system in poorly connected environments with a replication tool (SRO Data Replication) in the context of the use cases from across all seven continents and seas (including Antarctica). Tackle the issues associated with replicating information over low bandwidth and high latency environments. ​



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