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RE: Cron Task Parameters

Maximo uses DESede encryption algorithm for Cypto & Cryptox data types to handle encrypted passwords. CRONTASKPARAM has an attribute CRYPTOVALUE - Field to store cron task parameters that require encryption, such as passwords which you should use to save password in encrypted form. psdi.util...

Cron Task Parameters

I have a need to create a CronTask for this I saw extending psdi.server.SimpleCronTask gives me what I need to run except one aspect. I need to make a parameter password(CRYPTO) I saw an example of LdapSyncCronTask that has a Credential Parameter that is perhaps the masked kind. I checked in DB...

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RE: Maximo Java Customization maximo version

Sahil, There shouldn't be cases where you loop over a set and only see some of the records in the set. Before looping, can you print out the count of records in the set? I'm wondering whether the where clause that you're supplying is being appended to by Maximo at all (maybe Data Restrictions,...

Sync AD 'Manager' data with LDAP custom attribute for Maximo Supervisor field

Hi All, Hope you are doing well in these hard times. I have a requirement here to Sync Manager data from AD to Maximo Supervisor field. As I can see, AD is storing the value in the form of 'Person Name' and Maximo stores Supervisor data in the form of 'Person ID', So I thought of creating a new...

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Maximo Java Customization maximo version

Hi all I am facing one strange issue in java I am getting the set from mxserver after doing set where and reset I got count of set let's say 7 then I am traverssing using for loop MboSetRemote assetSet = mx.getMboSet("ASSET", userInfo); assetSet.setWhere(my where clause) assetSet...

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RE: Add Lookup for Numeric Domain Description

Genius! That was exactly what I needed. Thanks Steven. Mark​ -- Mark Hlavenka Boeing --

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RE: Add Lookup for Numeric Domain Description

Are you worried that you'll have a large value list? If not I'd suggest not using a textbox control at all and use a combobox instead. Set the attribute to the be the attribute on your object and then the display attribute to be description. The user will only see the description and choose it...

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Add Lookup for Numeric Domain Description

​​Hello All! First time poster, so please forgive any mistakes. We are on version I have a numeric domain set up that has an ID and a description (there will eventually be more values): This domain is tied to a field called "Failure Record Type" and utilizes a multipart text box, so...

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