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RE: Issue with running the preview of the reports

Dear All, I tried many workarounds but couldnt get through this HTTP Error 500 :- Problem accessing /viewer/parameter.Reason: Server error, powered by Jetty:// Any clue would be greatly appreciated as BIRT is not my primary forte and due to this issue,I am unable to preview the reports and...

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Issue with running the preview of the reports

Dear All, I recently set up the BIRT for Maximo 7.6 and am unable to run the preview of any report with a status 500 error message. I did search for related IBM tech notes and saw a post pointing to the issue related with the installation of Java 8.I did install the JDK 1.8 32 bit as I needed...

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RE: birt report

Hello Steven, Thanks for the response. Somehow user was able to generate the reports successfully after 2 days. and yes No Data is being Displayed for Selected Record(s) is the kind of informative message shown on maximo screen . I don't think it is something that is configured in messages...

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RE: Need some help with a BIRT report

Is worklogid in the table binding? (Binding tab) -- Danielle Newhouse Projetech Inc. --

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RE: Need some help with a BIRT report

On the general tab for the child table there should be a checkbox Can shrink, have you checked it?, also try Alignment Top if you haven't -- Wes Williams Northrop Grumman --

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Need some help with a BIRT report

I'm trying to create a BIRT report with a sub-report. Here is what the output currently looks like: The part with the aqua background is the subreport. That is working correctly. But look at the subsequent rows. . .where the subreport would be, if there were any rows to display , is leaving...

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RE: birt report

Can you clarify if you're seeing a message "No Data is being Displayed for Selected Record(s)" or just not getting data/report not succeeding? The message doesn't sound familiar and even when I create a QBR that won't return records I don't see something like that. I also looked for messages in...

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birt report

Hi, Please help me in troubleshooting "No Data is being Displayed for Selected Record(s)" when trying to generate a report. User was able to generate a reports earlier and after some time this message is being displayed for the Run report->Immediate action . Does this has something to do with...

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