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Posted By Abhay Bhatnagar 04-22-2022 16:09
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Has anyone used Enterprise Service Response Configuration? I am creating a new work order using web service (synchronous) and response xml contains site, work order number and work order ID. As far as I know maximo adds the primary columns, defined in DB config application using Primary Column# field, ...
Posted By Abhay Bhatnagar 02-01-2022 15:29
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Hi Meghana, Yeah I agree with Biplab. code will give us a better understanding. There is also 1 more thing that I can think of is you maybe opening the PR MBOSET using a relationship with purchase contract MBO. If yes, try getting the MBOSET using MXServer.getMXServer().getMboSet() or maybe when calling ...
Posted By Abhay Bhatnagar 01-21-2022 18:25
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Hi All, I was thinking is there a way to connect to Maximo from a custom java application through RMI when LDAP authentication is enabled? I have this code which connects just fine when LDAP authentication is not enabled, but errors out when trying to connect to LDAP authenticated environment. ----- ...