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 What application to use to evaluate, score or disqualify vendors based on criteria / questionnaire?

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Pearl Codispoti posted 07-29-2021 18:10
We are currently not using any applications in Maximo or are aware of any applications in Maximo evaluate, score/rate and disqualify (as needed) a vendor based on certain criteria / questionnaire to be reviewed by various departments such as Operations, Safety, Regulatory, IT, Engineering, etc.

Has anyone had some success with setting this up?  What applications in Maximo did you use?

Pearl Codispoti
Maximo Supervisor
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Maximo Certified Gina Leonard
Hello Pearl,
Out of the box Maximo only provides two reports, vendor performance report by commodity group and by item number (In Purchase Order App). I have attached an example.  These reports can be tweaked to be used as part of the vendor evaluation.   However, any vendor performance elements needed can be configured for your particular process for the evaluation.  You could take advantage of Maximo Inspection Work center for the vendor questionnaire to record the results and keep those results in a central repository associated to that vendor in Maximo. With configuration, those results could provide a pertinent and relevant report against each vendor based on your business requirements.
this sounds like an exciting project!  Let me know if you need any help!
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Gina Ordaz

We're developing a process using the Company module to manage vendors for insurance purposes. I've added a field for the expiration date of their insurance. We use Sharepoint to monitor and notify us 30 days in advance of the expiration to allow for policy updates to be sent. In a previous Maximo system that I worked in we used this same field but with a monthly work order generated for review of all companies whose insurance would expire within 30 days. Any company whose insurance expired was changed to disqualified until they met the plant requirement and were reinstated. I would assume you could do something like this as well based on your questionnaire maybe a rating schedule where those who fall under the acceptable level are disqualified. 
If you come up with something else I'm interested as we're always looking at ways to improve our use of Maximo.

Gina Ordaz
Procurement Manager
Idaho Milk Products