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 Connect to Maximo Using RMI when LDAP Authentication is enabled

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Abhay Bhatnagar's profile image
Abhay Bhatnagar posted 01-21-2022 18:28
Hi All,

I was thinking is there a way to connect to Maximo from a custom java application through RMI when LDAP authentication is enabled?

I have this code which connects just fine when LDAP authentication is not enabled, but errors out when trying to connect to LDAP authenticated environment.

MXSession session = MXSession.getSession();
String connHost = host + ":" + rmiPort + "/" + serverName;

try {
} catch (Exception e) {
return null;

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
Steven Shull's profile image
Maximo Certified Steven Shull

I'd strongly recommend transitioning from RMI to the REST API. With the transition of Maximo the Application Suite, making RMI calls outside of the pods isn't supported. Functionality that was previously difficult to do without RMI (such as getting the allowed value list or bulk validation of attributes without submitting) is now possible with the REST API. And you'd be able to do Native authentication, LDAP, or API key based authentication flows easily.

I understand it's not a simple flip of a switch but directionally, that's the approach organizations should be going.

I saw this post if you need to authenticate utilizing LDAP via RMI ( I haven't done it myself but I think that will take you down the right path.