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 How to remove Work Type from selector boxes (The Organization is no longer using the work type)

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April Rudge posted 12-22-2021 17:48
Minor how to question: How can I make 3 of these work types NOT show anymore when our Work Management team is assigning a Work Order Work Type?  The Organization stopped using the work types for future work orders (but has some COMPLETED work orders with the work type.) 

I'm hoping to eliminate them as an option from the selector to prevent people from accidentally picking them out of habit. 

Thank you!

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Jeff Kish
global data restriction?
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Nancy Lerner
Try adding a new lookup to the lookup XML with a where clause that limits the work type values. For example, if you don't want the users to be able to select EM, ES or T4, then put the following where clause in the new lookup:  whereclause =" worktype not in ('EM','ES','T4')".  The lookup can otherwise be identical to the out-of-the-box worktype lookup. You can use this new lookup on the worktype fields on the data entry tabs of your applications while leaving the original worktype lookup on the Lists and in the Advanced Search.  That way, users will only see the active work types when they are creating or updating work orders, but they will still be able to search for work orders using the older values.
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Nancy Lerner
If users are manually typing in the worktype values rather than picking from the list, you could add an automation script that either changes the worktype value (if you know the "right" value that should replace each of the three old values) or you could clear the value and display an error message telling users to select an active work type. If you have to do the latter, you could use a worktype attribute launch point to allow the old types to remain on workorders that already have them or you could launch on save of the workorder object if you want users to fix records that are not closed yet. If you want to avoid scripts and don't mind cleaning up the records that are not yet closed, you could create a table domain for the workorder.worktype field with the same where clause I mentioned for the lookup. If you use the table domain, users will have to fix open records the next time they edit them, and you'll lose the ability to select the older values when searching. You could address that last problem by changing the attribute in the property of the worktype textbox in the searchmore dialog to use a relationship to the worktype table. You could do the same thing on the List tab but then you'd lose the ability to sort on the field.
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April Rudge
Thank you @Nancy Lerner - I think the New Lookup will work really well.  I'll try that.  ​