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 Newest Maximo and Newest ArcGIS?

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David Miller posted 05-11-2022 14:11

Is anyone successfully using ArcGIS 10.9.1 with Spatial 7.6.1 ?
IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management Build 20200716-1706 DB Build V7610-15 HFDB Build HF7610-13
Tivoli's process automation engine Build 20200715-0100 DB Build V7612-284 HFDB Build HF7612-92

Because these are bleeding edge versions of products we just want to know of a success story with these versions that is being used right now?

We are struggling with security settings and what we actually need for the 
 Web Map Configuration?
- Is Web Map located on an ArcGIS portal?
- Enable OAuth 2.0 ?
Map Security
- Enable Token Security

We found this one guide but it is outdated (older versions of Maximo) and no real explanation on why we would or would not use the above setting. They just take it for granted that they are needed:

Configuring Maximo Spatial with ArcGIS Portal

Thanks in advance for any insight?

David Miller
Managing Partner - Maximo Consultant
Enterprise Integration Partners LLC