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 What I am doing wrong with this Automation Script?

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Spaha Muamer posted 10-13-2021 13:01

When I create Object Launch Point on ASSET with script below my custom field do not want to transfer from ASSETINPUT  (Receive Rotating Item) Dialog located in RECEIVING APPLICATION to ASSET Table.  For example there is OOB Serial Number which pass to newly created asset and I want some custom data to transfer as well. 

if owner:
if issueitemMbo:

If I create Object Launch on ASSETTRANS then I can transfer data from this dialog to custom field in ASSETTRANS 

Any Help?

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shrikant kulahalli
Need to set trigger not on ASSET where you want the data but on the object that will receive the trigger. If the ASSETTRANS table receives the trigger, then use it to navigate to the ASSET Table thru built in relationship or create one. I have not had time to research this for you at the moment, but you can easily find this out.
Since ASSET object is NOT where the trigger is occurring your script will not fire.