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DESIREE HARSHMAN posted 12-16-2021 09:38

I am currently going  over all the users start centers.  I am making sure that each user is seeing what they need to see. (workorder, po's for their department.  There are several users that have portlets with results sets but no data will populate.  I have several employees so I am trying to fix this in my office.  Can you assign templates to an employee or do they have to be signed in.  Please advise the easiest way to get their start centers corrected. Thank you much in advance!

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Maximo Certified Christopher Winston
1 Start Center template can be assigned to 1 Security Group. Each user may have multiple Security Groups assigned, giving them multiple Start Centers. The key to Result Sets is the use of substitution variables in queries for things like siteid, current date, ownership/responsibility, logged in user, etc., in building the queries, so that the result set will work for the user when applicable. Take a look at this post on Start Center Design Basics - Roles & Performance that has a video link as well as additional documentation, including query segment examples leveraging substitution variables.