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Claudia Gonzalez posted 04-25-2022 16:38
Can anyone please explain how the classstructure table, sortorder field works?

I was assuming when a user viewed the CLASSIFICATIONS in the "Classify" drilldown method, the sortorder would display the classifications as directed, yet this is not the case. The classifications still appear in alpha order (not what I want). What am I missing? 
Thanks in advance.
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Maximo Certified Prashant Sharma

This appears to be a bug and APAR needs to be created. I tested in my local 7612 and see that sorting is happening alphabetically rather than based on sorting order as you have said. I can see there is an old APAR for this issue.
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Julio Hernandez
I believe the APAR referenced by Prashant is dealing with the Display Sequence of the Specification Attributes rather than with the Sort Order on the ClassStructure object.

It appears that the SortOrder attribute was added to the ClassStructure object in or later.  It did not exist in but did exist in

The Maximo documentation for Classifications doesn't make any reference to that attribute as far as I can tell.

I suggest submitting a Case to IBM Support requesting information about how it is supposed to work.