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Troy Brannon posted 07-15-2021 10:09
Good morning

I have been tasked to figure out how to separate reorders by vendor, which Maximo already does, and by GL Account. So far I have not had any luck figuring this out. We are currently using

I have only been working with Maximo for a few years, so any advice would be helpful.

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Solution Provider Mack Parrott
Troy, this could be a challenge because PR and PO lines can have unique GL values so there can be any number of GLs on one PR/PO record.  How do you assign GL values to inventory records?  If you have exposed the GL on the inventory record, it could be as simple as first querying inventory for records with the desired GL and then run reorder against that subset of records.

We could probably assist more knowing additional details of your process.

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Troy Brannon
Morning Mack

Sorry for the delay in responding.

The way we are set up is every item has a GL assigned to it depending on which group controls the item, so each item in our inventory is assigned to one of 20 GLs.
Currently we are using the OOB reordering for all of our reorders, which separates the reorders by vendor and creates PRs for each vendor. 

What I have been asked to do is, in addition to creating the PRs by vendors, we want to separate by the GL as well. For example, if the OOB reorder is ran and there are 10 items that need to be reordered with 3 different vendor and 4 different GLs, 4 PRs would be created.

Hopefully that made sense.

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Maximo Certified Gina Leonard
Hello Troy!
This may be too simple a solution for situation, but how about redesigning your PO report to sort your POlines by GL Account?  I have done this before on the report.  Not a fancy solution but it does allow easier evaluation of the the GLs posted per PO.
Hope this helps!
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Solution Provider Mack Parrott

Troy – here’s what I think could work, hoping some others will weigh in with their ideas as well . . . .

Manual Reorder

As I’m sure that you know, you can manually launch the OOB reorder process manually for just one item individually but also (more likely) from the List tab of the Inventory application for batches of items in individual storerooms.  (Maximo allows the reorder process to run with only one storeroom at a time).

In your case, where you need items from only one GL per PR, you’d have to first query your items by GL, and launch reorder for that batch.. Maximo would then evaluate that batch, creating PRs for each itemwhere required.  A tedious effort if there are 20 unique GLs but would achieve the desired outcome.

Automated Reorder

To automate the process Maximo provides a reorder Cron Task that initiates inventory reorder on a schedule, just like PMs do for work orders. I don’t know the specifics, but I’d bet that the Maximo technical wizards could build parameters into the cron that would segregate and group PRs by GL.  It might require 20 cron tasks but at least you’d only need to do the cron task config once, assuming the GLs are fairly static.

Hope this helps . . . .