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 E-Signature in Work Center

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Keshav Ravindran posted 09-20-2021 00:41
How to enable E-Signature while doing status change in Work Center? How to invoke the E-Signature dialog box while user is changing the status in Work Center(Work Execution or Work Supervision)?
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Maximo Certified Steven Shull
Due to the way these changes are communicated to the Maximo system (via REST API) I don't think e-signature is supported yet. The REST API in recent versions (I believe added supported for e-sig but it requires adding additional query parameters to check if an e-sig enabled attribute is modified and then a UI would have to be built for the user to provide their credentials (or e-signature key, if using the new functionality) again.

The new UI framework used by Maximo Mobile (sometimes referred to as Graphite, which is based on IBM's Carbon Design) does have e-signature support on the backlog so I know it's planned to add there. I've not seen anything about this regarding Work Centers. I would open an Idea (formerly RFE) if this functionality is important to you. You can do that here: