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 Obsolete Items allowed on DRs

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Troy Brannon posted 01-05-2022 08:18
Good morning all

I have an issue with obsolete items being placed on desktop requisitions and need to prevent this from happening. I have been unsuccessful in locating any option in Maximo and have not found anything on the MORE site. Our system specs are

Tivoli's process automation engine Build 20170215-0100 DB Build V7607-14IBM TPAE Integration Framework Build 20170130-1250 DB Build V7607-03IBM Maximo Calibration Build 20170215-0100 DB Build V7600-06IBM Maximo Asset Management Work Centers Build 20161104-1046 DB Build V7601-41IBM Maximo Asset Management Build 20170215-0100 DB Build V7604-01

Has anyone run across this issue before?

Thanks for your help in advance

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Maximo Certified Steven Shull

Being able to add an obsolete item is definitely not intended so you won't find any options to configure it. When you say obsolete items, is it obsolete at the storeroom (inventory), Organization info (inside the Item master application utilizing the Item/Organization Details dialog), or itemset level? I tested in a environment and it prevented me from using an item that was obsolete at the itemset level at least. I don't have access to a environment and didn't see any APARs at a glance that were fixed between those releases. I found some older APARs like & that were supposedly addressed in 7.5.0 releases.

In Database Configuration, can you make sure you don't have a table domain configured on the MRLINE.ITEMNUM field? Also make sure that it has the class referenced on it. 

I'd also check the relationship ITEMORGINFOSTATUS on MRLINE to make sure it looks like:

itemnum=:itemnum and itemsetid=:itemsetid and orgid=:orgid and status in (select value from synonymdomain where domainid = 'ITEMSTATUS' and maxvalue in ('ACTIVE', 'PLANNING', 'PENDOBS') )

One of the checks utilizes this relationship to validate the status so if someone changed it that might explain the difference. 

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Maximo Certified Craig Kokay
An item that has been out into inventory will have a status in the Item application, then in the Item/Organization menu setting in the same application, and finally at the Inventory application.

If you make the Item in the Inventory application obsolete, then you can still order the item, but not if it's to replenish the store.

If you make either the item/organization or item obsolete, then you cannot reorder.

So, I'll echo Steven's commentary as we're missing some key information
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Troy Brannon
Morning Steve and Craig

Thanks for the response.

The item is obsoleted on the inventory level and I checked all of the setting you mentioned, Steve. Everything was as you described, so I don't have a clue as to what is allowing obsolete items to be place on DRs.
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Maximo Certified Steven Shull

On the desktop requisition your users are providing that storeroom on the line (IE the STORELOC field is set to that inventory storeroom)? If the storeroom isn't provided it only looks at ITEMORGINFO.

In at least, both the storeroom & item fields on MRLINE validate the inventory record is in a valid status when an itemnum & storeloc are provided. For the siteid it utilizes the STORELOCSITE field if that's provided on the MRLINE or uses the SITEID attribute if not.

If you have the access, I would try to enable the SQL logger for INVENTORY.INVENTORY & ITEM.ITEMORINFO to INFO to see what query is being executed. That might help pinpoint your issue. To enable this logging:

1) Go to the Logging application
2) Filter for the sql logger in the Root Loggers table
3) Add a new row for INVENTORY.INVENTORY & ITEM.ITEMORINFO in the Loggers table below
4) Set each to INFO and ensure the Active checkbox is selected
5) Save your changes
6) Use the Apply Settings option

Then create a desktop requisition with an obsolete item.

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Maximo Certified Craig Kokay
Hi Troy.

We understand a bit more now that we have more information, so I'm going to add some more detail, but also add that it's working as per design or rather, it's also worked this way.

I have four items: CDKOBS (obsolete at the Item Master), CDKOBS2 (obsolete at the Inventory), CDKOBS3 (active at all levels), and CDKOBS4 (obsolete at the ITEM/Organization level).

In the DR the results VARY depending on what you are selecting when you are forming the Requisition Line Items, this may have resulted in some confusion.

  1. Using the New Row | Select Value.  You will get only CDKOBS2, CDKOBS3, and CDKOBS4.  Now, this will result in CDKOBS2 being able to be ordered, but not for the storeroom, you made it obsolete from, CDKOBS3 being able to order including for the storeroom, and CDKOBS4 giving you an error.  For CDKOBS4, it's showing on the list because the actual item is not obsolete, only the item at the organization level.
  2. Using the Select Materials button. You will get CDKOBS, CDKOBS2, CDKOBS3 and CDKOBS4. So, CDKOBS2 and CDKOBS4 will result in an error.  CDK2 you can order, just not for the storeroom, you made obsolete from.
So depending on where you're selecting the item, it will show an obsolete item, just understand obsolete at what level.  You've only mentioned that your item is obsolete in the Inventory, so all's good.  It's just that you will not be able to order it for the storeroom you made it obsolete from.  If it's active in other storerooms, you can still order for them.

  • From the Select Value when using the New Row
From the Select Materials button
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Troy Brannon
Good Morning 

Thanks a lot for your assistance. Your guidance lead me to the problem and  a solution. I ended up placing a data restriction on the MRLINE STORELOC field making it required. If the item is active there is no difference in how the DR is filled out, but if the item is obsolete is causes an error.

Thanks again for your help.