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Mohammed EL ASRIHI's profile image
Mohammed EL ASRIHI posted 03-11-2022 07:13

I am new to the maximo world and i am looking for ressources related to the names of the different tables and objects.

For Example:

- Asset
- Service request
- Workorder
- Jobplan

Is there anyone who can provide something ? 

Have a nice day

Great regards
Christopher Winston's profile image
Christopher Winston
This is usually available via a google search, which will lead you here
Cameron Simpson's profile image
Cameron Simpson
And using the Alt+F1 field help in any field is great for finding out the object and field details when you are in an application.
Venkataraman Guruswamy's profile image
Venkataraman Guruswamy
Hi Mohammed,

IBM provides entity relationship diagrams -they are called as ERds. These are the typical data models that Maximo has. This will allow you to understand the data model and their relationships with each other.

As well, as suggested above you can use F1 and try to explore the object in backend by visualising the UI attributes. That will as well help you understand the UI to Attribute mapping. I would suggest you get a copy of the application xml and compare it with database mapping.

Put together all of this will help you to master the data models and you will have a better understanding.

Hope this helps.
Steven Hauptman's profile image
Steven Hauptman
Sorry I am a bit late, but you might find this useful as well:
Wim Bijnens's profile image
Wim Bijnens
All, Interesting discussion, but all of the links here seem not to be working.

Do you have a high level overview of the model available?


Christopher Winston's profile image
Christopher Winston
It looks like IBM has killed off the old links with no re-direct. however, there is a newer doc that reviews how to generate the model from your own instance at and that is active today.