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#TipTuesday - Contribute to Threads

  • 1.  #TipTuesday - Contribute to Threads

    Posted 06-22-2021 09:06

    Good morning! Have you wanted to contribute to a thread on the MORE Community, but are not sure how? Here are two easy ways you can start engaging in conversations:

    Option 1: Reply to a thread on 

    • Navigate to the post you would like to respond to
    • To reply publicly on the site: Click Reply
    • To reply privately to the author of the message: Click the drop-down arrow next to Reply and select Reply Privately


    Option 2: Via the Email Digest 

    • Click the blue Reply to Group button located below the displayed post title (to the right of the author name)
    • This will open an email
    • Enter your contribution and send the message as you would a normal email
    • This will post your response on the discussion board
    • Extra Tip: You can also share a reply by clicking the Reply to Group Online or Reply to Sender (Private Reply). This will open a reply option in a new web page.

    HINT: to share a link to a discussion thread, simply navigate to the page that houses the entire thread and copy the URL from your browser. To share a link to a library entry, click the ellipses on the library details page and then copy the permalink (see image below).
    Click 'reply' or 'reply privately' with any questions!


    Mackenzie Sangster
    Community Manager
    MORE Maximo Community