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  • 1.  Inventory Use Staging Assets

    Posted 09-28-2021 18:00
    I need a way for our users to quickly select assets for staging.  Currently when you are in the Inventory Usage screen and you have rotating items defined on the lines with quantities greater than 1, when you change the status to Staged (or Shipped if not staging) the Split Usage Quantity pop-up appears.  In the Select Rotating Assets  section you enter the assets for the associated rotating itemnum that is being staged.  If you know the assetnum you can enter it in the Rotating Asset click enter and then enter the second asset for the next line.  You can select by assettag if it is added to the lookup on the Rotating Asset field.  

    My situation is that I want to be able for the users to enter the assettag opposed to the assetnum and then go to the next line without having to open the lookup.  The idea is that this screen will be implement in Maximo Everyplace and the users will be selecting the assets during the staging process using a Bluetooth scanner.  So if we are stagging 50 assets for rotating item number 123, they would just scan the 50 asset tags for ITEM 123 and move on the item on next line of the Inventory Usage.   IBM has told me this is not possible and that we would have to use the lookup on the LINESPLIT.ROTASSETNUM field.  LINESPLIT is the nonpersistent table that is used in the staging process.  While IBM's solution will work it will involve a lot more key clicks on the users side, when they are transferring large quantities of like assets, or it will require the users to double barcode the assets with both the normal barcode we store in the assettag field and a separate barcode with the assetnum field.  Currently we use rolls of preprinted barcodes to speed up the process of barcoding during the receiving process.

    It seems to me like there should be a solution that I can implement without the extra licensing cost of a mobile solution.  We are on Maximo with the July 30th IFix applied, and I should have the latest IFix in our development area next week.

    Thank you!

    Jennet Neldner
    Raytheon Technologies

  • 2.  RE: Inventory Use Staging Assets

    Posted 10-07-2021 12:06

    Jennet, Here's an idea for an approach. A technical expert might be able to refine this idea into something reasonably easy to configure and maintain:

    (1) Add a field to the linesplit object to store the value from the bar code reader (e.g., linesplit.x-assettag),

    (2) expose this in the invusage application's SPLITUSAGEQTY dialog box as a table column before the rotassetnum column,

    (3) configure the automatic population of linesplit.rotassetnum, perhaps using an automation script launched on entry of the value in the new x-assettag field or perhaps via a crossover domain.

    If this idea works for you, I'd love to hear how you tackled the third part!

    Nancy Lerner
    Brio Consulting