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Maximo automation script deploy extension for VS Code

  • 1.  Maximo automation script deploy extension for VS Code

    Posted 01-10-2022 16:53
    Hi All,

    This week we have something for developers: an extension for Visual Studio Code that enables a controlled approach for development of Automation Scripts.  
    * Write your automation script in Visual Studio Code, for a better development experience.
    * Include metadata for how the automation script whould be deployed in Maximo, including variables and launch point.details.
    * Deploy your automation script to Maximo for testing directly from Visual Studio Code for maximum reliability.
    * Easily extract existing automation scripts from Maximo
    This extension enables a process where automation scripts can be developed and maintained using normal code development processes. Instead development being dependent on copy and paste to a magic Maximo instance that is the "source of truth", scripts can be written in a proper development environment, managed and tracked in source control and deployed repeatably and reliably.  
    You can get it from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace here:

    Maximo Script Deploy - Visual Studio Marketplace

    Yes, it does work with Maximo Application Suite.

    Happy developing.

    - Jason

    Jason VenHuizen