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  • 1.  Workorder Communication Log method

    Posted 06-09-2021 14:56
    Can someone explain the method that Maximo uses to send communication emails from the workorder.  Thanks

    Brian Swanson
    Herman Miller

  • 2.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 06-10-2021 09:46
    I'm not entirely sure what question was looking to be answered. I'm going to take this in the automation script direction assuming that is what you meant by method.

    Maximo has a function createComm on MBOs (it's on the generic Mbo class that everything extends so it's available on SR, WORKORDER, ASSET, custom objects, etc.) that creates a COMMLOG record as part of a set from the main record using the relationship COMMLOG. From there you can set the templateid attribute if you want to use a communication template. And when it's done, you execute the sendMessage() method of commlog. An end to end example for script could look something like:

    Steven Shull
    Projetech Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 06-16-2021 12:59
    I will take it from the end-user perspective, just in case that is the angle needed. 

    In each application that includes a log tab, there is an option to create (and send) communication logs. Communication logs are essentially an email that is sent from the Maximo server and also saved to the record it was created from. These emails can be completely created manually from the form, or if there are types of emails commonly sent, a template can be used to complete the To, cc, subject, etc. fields.

    Not only does the application need to contain the log tab, but the user also needs the security rights to edit the record, and to create a communication log to be saved to the record.

    Hope this helps!

    Anne Antonelli
    Technology Training & Consulting, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Posted 04-01-2022 09:11
    Good morning,

    How do I add a commuinication into the  log tab in the Work Order tracking tab? I do not see an icon that would allow me to add a message in the Work Order Tracking.

    Matthieu Pilotte
    Canada Post

  • 5.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 04-01-2022 09:14

    Look in side navigation for Create->Communication and as long as you have security rights, it should be there. 

    Shows side navigation used to get to create a communication from a work order in work order tracking in this example, and navigation is essentially the same in other applications

    Christopher Winston
    Projetech Inc.

  • 6.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Posted 04-01-2022 09:19

    Much thanks!


    Matthieu Pilotte

    Magasinier, 010 and 050

    500 rue Locke,

    Bureau B-286b

    Ville St-Laurent (Québec) H4T 1T4




  • 7.  RE: Workorder Communication Log method

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 06-17-2021 08:05
    Just to add if you attach document, it will go to Document Library in folder CommLogDocs

    Chavdar Cholev