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  • 1.  DB config/admin mode in a clustered environment

    Posted 11-30-2021 18:41

    Applying db config to clustered environments is quite an ordeal for my organization.
    1. Needs to be done after-hours (midnights/overtime) to avoid disrupting users. Although, I don't think that's avoidable.
    2. Needs to be performed in WebSphere by a separate WebSphere team.
      Maximo administrators like me can apply db config changes/admin mode to non-clustered environments just fine -- since it can be done entirely from the Maximo UI. But the way my organization is set up means I can't use WebSphere -- so the WebSphere people need to apply the changes for clustered environments.

    With that said, I'm starting to question #2.
    We were told by IBM Support that ​db config/admin mode in clustered environments can't be done exclusively through the Maximo UI (which is the only thing us Maximo admins have access to).

    "For a clustered Maximo environment, what is IBM's recommended method for applying database configuration changes? Example: create a view object."

    "The recommended approach if you are using the Database Configuration application is to shutdown all JVM's but one and then enter Admin Mode from the Database Configuration application and perform the configuration.
    Some of the servers on this cluster are in Admin mode and some are not
    If you prefer, you may choose to shutdown all application servers and use the command line DBConfig.bat tool. Both methods are supported."

    I posted an RFE about my frustrations about how difficult it is for us to make db config changes to clustered environments:
    Easier db config changes in clustered environments
    "It would be helpful if non-WebShpere admins could make db config changes in clustered environments. In other words, add a field to a table in a clustered environment -- and do it all from within the UI."

    The RFE team said:
    "This should be available after a fix that was made available several years ago. Can you confirm this is still the behavior you experience in the latest versions?"

    Has anyone tried to apply db config/admin mode in a clustered environment lately -- all from within the UI? If so, what happened?

    I ask, because I don't think my organization has ever actually tried. We just assumed that what were told was true...that it would cause problems.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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  • 2.  RE: DB config/admin mode in a clustered environment

    Solution Provider
    Posted 12-01-2021 13:12
    In my last job, we had a system with 2 servers, 3 JVMs each forming 3 clusters.  And 99% of our DB config we never shut down any of the JVMs.

    Turn on Admin Mode

    Wait a minute, go back into admin mode screen to see if all servers/jvms have gone into admin mode (if not, cancel out, wait, repeat until they have)

    Apply DB config changes

    Turn off Admin Mode

    Wait a minute, go back into admin mode screen to see if all servers/JVMs are now out of admin mode (if not, cancel out, wait, repeat until they have - I don't say the change is complete until all servers/JVMs are out of admin mode).

    Sometimes we need to go into the user module to see the system sessions and check which JVM is lagging behind.  Normally a task node that is doing something, but we schedule our outages taking into account the task schedules (Cron/escalations) so rarely had an issue.

    Cameron Simpson