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  • 1.  can "Closed" status be revert back to "Completed"

    Posted 09-16-2022 17:21
    Greetings fellow Maxusers, 

    we completed an escalation segment which closed WO's after 90 days, however there is an issue with a group of job plans that need to remain with status "completed" so is there any way we can revert back from "Closed" status to "Completed" I would highly appreciate any information that can be shed into this matter. 

    Thank you.

    Marvin R


  • 2.  RE: can "Closed" status be revert back to "Completed"
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-19-2022 08:43

    There's no supported way to do this. There are different types of updates that may occur on CLOSE such as creation of the Asset History records and then certain changes that will always occur (historyflag, status, statusdate, & changedate on the WORKORDER for example). The status changes may or may not roll down the WO hierarchy (children WOs or tasks) depending on your settings on the WO in question and whether they were CLOSED prior to the WO header being closed.

    You would have to review each of the WOs and your organizational settings to determine which things will impact you and then write and execute SQL statements to resolve. Otherwise you'll have issues in the future when you go to close the WOs again. The complexity around the WO life cycle is why we don't provide a supported method for reopening closed WOs. 

    Steven Shull

  • 3.  RE: can "Closed" status be revert back to "Completed"

    Posted 09-20-2022 17:11
    Thank you Steven, I appreciate your response, and yes so it seems that there is no process defined, now my question is, the whole idea behind being able to change the status is to be able to update a few fields on each WO; such as specifications, can that be done through the back end through a process similar to mxloader?


    Marvin R


  • 4.  RE: can "Closed" status be revert back to "Completed"

    Posted 09-20-2022 17:41
    Hi Marvin,

    Have you tried the Edit History Work Order option, if it's just a few field updates this works quite well. If you can't see this in your menu there's a good chance the sigoption is not enabled for your user profile 


    Peter McDonald

  • 5.  RE: can "Closed" status be revert back to "Completed"

    Posted 09-21-2022 08:47
    Hi Marven,

    As suggested by Steven, WO re-open from CLOSED status is not supported.
    But, I understand that there are a number of scenarios where you would need to reopen the work order and I believe one such is your scenario.
    There is also a way to use 'Edit History Work Order' as suggested by Peter McDonald.

    If Edit History Work Order does not satisfy your situation, like you can't create invoices using edit history work orders, then you can need to reopen the work order to COMPLETED status using backed update queries.
    As suggested by Steven, there are a number of things that happen in Work Order closure and the update queries suggested here only works for invoicing. If you have any other scenario then that is not tested for this kind of back end reopening of Work Order and you might face errors or exception which will need fixing.
    Here below are the things I used to do to reopen closed work orders to COMP status using sql update queries:
    1. Set the Work Order status to COMP
    2. Update WOSTATUS table entry for CLOSED with status value as REOPENED( you can use your own value) and update memo with more information related to the reopening of work order
    3. Clear entries in the Assethistory table for the work order which gets created during closure of work order
    4. Update work order history flat to 0.
    5. I think you will have to remove entry in the asset hierarchy table as well but not sure.

    Please note again, I do not recommend this approach and it must be done if absolute necessary.

    Also, I would recommend reevaluating the 90 days Work Order closure logic. You can move the Work Order to some intermediate status post COMP and restrict Work Tracking to fetch work order with this status. Later close the work order may be after 6 month or more.


    Biplab Choudhury
    BPD Zenith Australia