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  • 1.  How best to manage rotating equipment

    Posted 14 days ago

    Good Afternoon,

     I'm new to Maximo and need some guidance on the best way to approach an issue.

     Physical plant has a lot of cleaning type equipment used by custodial personnel, such as vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers/buffers etc.

     We are trying to determine the best method to use in Maximo to track this equipment by campus/building/floor.

     No sure which option would be best. For instance, manage as an asset, tools, inventory item etc, just not sure which way would be best. We are trying to satisfy a audit requirement.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


    Keith Henderson
    University of Louisville Physical Plant

  • 2.  RE: How best to manage rotating equipment

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hello Keith,
    We manage our equipment in Maximo as assets.
    As much information as possible is entered in each record (S/N, Brand, Model, Location, Date of purchase, color, responsible person, etc).
    This will allow you to write repair work orders, create a PM program in the future, report, etc.
    It is important to also label each asset (you can add a QR or BARCODE to it as well in order to scan the asset with your mobile device)
    Feel free to reach out directly if you ever want to connect and benchmark.


    Alvaro Ferreira
    Princeton University

  • 3.  RE: How best to manage rotating equipment

    Solution Provider
    Posted 14 days ago


    If this equipment can be uniquely identified then locations and assets should nicely meet the requirement. The location hierarchy structure would define the campus/building/floor, then each asset would be assigned a location.  There's a Type attribute on the asset record that could be used to categorize the asset, making it easy to distinguish custodial assets from normal facilities assets.

    If / when the asset moves, Maximo tracks the move and move history.

    If you need more functionality and security control, there's lots more you can do to manage a type of asset so that can be explored depending on requirements.

    And, of course, there are additional functions native to Maximo for work orders and PMs for assets as well as purchasing and inventory of the assets.

    Mack Parrott
    Projetech Inc.

  • 4.  RE: How best to manage rotating equipment

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi Keith,

    With the cleaning equipment, you've mentioned the simple solution is to:
    a) put them in as an asset
    b) barcode or RFID them

    To discuss more
    The equipment is not high-value, but you need it trackable i.e. you need to know where it is and how many there are of them and if any maintenance is needed.  I would add them as a rotating tool as that can then be created as an asset. The advantage of this approach is that:
    • It can be moved to a specific location
    • It can be assigned to a custodian
    • It can be booked as a tool on a work order to support it
    • It can be moved into a tool store i.e. pool of equipment
    • It can be maintained
    Part of your process is the question are you assigning it to a 'home base' i.e. a cleaning closet? and then wanting to track a movement from floor level to floor level, building to building i.e. when you do want to know that it's been moved?  A comparable situation is biomedical equipment, where it can be very important to know where it is within the building.  In that case, beacons or the like can be used to automatically update the asset location whenever it goes to a new area i.e. from HCU to ER (as an extreme), but can be down to RM111 to RM114 to RM234, etc.  How are you going to do this tracking?

    Craig Kokay
    Maximo Practice Manager
    Phone: +61-411-682-040


  • 5.  RE: How best to manage rotating equipment

    Posted 3 days ago
    Good Morning,
    Thanks for all the great suggests.
    Entering as an asset seems to be the best approach.

    I do have one additional question, forgot to mention.
    We also group buildings by zones, buildings are on the same campus. For example, campus 1 may have 9 buildings, 3 of each of the buildings are in zone 1 , the next 3 buildings in zone 2 and so on.  

    How could this be recorded on the asset record, mainly for reporting ?

    Again Much Thanks for the feedback.

    Keith Henderson
    University of Louisville Physical Plant

  • 6.  RE: How best to manage rotating equipment

    Maximo Certified
    Posted yesterday
    Hi Keith,
    There are a few ways that this can be accomplished. The Traditional/Classic way would be using a Location Hierarchy. Something as simple as 

    Top Level
           Zone 1
               Building 1
               Building 2
               Building 3
           Zone 2
               Building 4
               Building 5
               Building 6
           Zone 3
               Building 7
               Building 8
               Building 9

    Other methods may include adding a user defined (custom) attribute on the Location table to identify the Zone. You can then create a relationship from key apps like Asset, Workorder, SR so that you can display the zone on these records if it is important to the user, or simply add the same user defined attribute to these objects if you want to be able to persist that data in these other records (Asset, Workorder, SR) for reporting purposes.

    One other method could be using Systems. This tends to be a bit more complicated for people to understand and build but still a viable option. 

    Hope this helps,

    Michael Marsonet
    MRM-EAM Consulting Inc.