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  • 1.  Maximo Mobile

    Posted 03-12-2024 16:51

    Hello All

    I am getting this error in Maximo Mobile 8.11 (Maximo mobile out of the box).

    Steps to reproduce: 

    1. Login to Maximo mobile and let the data sync be complete.
    2. Go offline 
    3. Create New Workorder 
    4. Approve the workorder 
    5. Go to add Labor. Update the Start date and Start Time (Start and End timer not used)
    6. Complete the workorder( Used blue Check box)
    7. Go online and wait. Out of 4 transactions 3 went through
    8. Below error shows up. 




    vineet joshi

  • 2.  RE: Maximo Mobile

    Posted 03-13-2024 09:55

    Hello Vineet, this is my first contribution, I hope it is useful to you. You need to verify the status of the WO in MAXIMO. This sometimes causes conflicts if the OW is in a post-COMP state.


  • 3.  RE: Maximo Mobile

    Posted 03-13-2024 21:15

    Thanks Jorge for your reply. 

    This looks like a bug to me in Mobile App.


    Vineet J

    vineet joshi

  • 4.  RE: Maximo Mobile

    Posted 03-13-2024 21:30

    I got this type of error once when in a different timezone of the work order. Is that the case for you?

    Maycon Belfort
    BPD Zenith
    IBM Champion 2024

  • 5.  RE: Maximo Mobile

    Posted 03-18-2024 19:34

    I saw this error when my application server and my DB server were not in the same timezone.

    When you create a work order in Maximo desktop, do you see the correct time in the WO Reported Date? If it's not correct (even when you are in the right timezone set in your Default Person profile), there then there is timezone mismatch issue.

    In my case, it was one hour behind due to different timezone. I got my application server timezone updated and issue got fixed.

  • 6.  RE: Maximo Mobile

    Posted 22 days ago

    Thank you Every one for the replies. This was a bug in Mobile IFIX 02 which is addresssed by IBM in IFIX 06. 

    Thank you again. 

    vineet joshi