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MSUG - Maximo and 3D Building Information Modelling

  • 1.  MSUG - Maximo and 3D Building Information Modelling

    Posted 11-14-2023 07:16
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    Following the successful completion of the Maximo Solutions User Group (MSUG) event, we are pleased to announce that recordings from each session will be made available to the community for extended engagement and discourse. We invite members to submit any further inquiries they may have for the speakers in the space provided below.

    Session: Maximo and 3D Building Information Modelling

    Presented by: @David Lestani, COSOL

    Access the Recording:

    Summary: In this presentation, David Lestani from COSOL discusses the benefits and challenges of implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) in operations and maintenance. He highlights that BIM has been successful in design and construction but often fails to continue beyond the completion of construction. David identifies the blockers to BIM implementation in operations and maintenance, such as contract scope and lack of understanding of O&M use cases. He then explores four opportunities where BIM can benefit O&M, including automating the creation of the asset register, improving maintenance planning and coordination, informing repair or replace decisions, and visualizing asset performance. He also provides steps for organizations to implement BIM, such as adopting a digital engineering approach and establishing BIM standards in contracts. Ultimately, David emphasizes the potential for BIM to contribute to the development of a digital twin and shares success stories from clients.


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