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MSUG - Moving to MAS - Impact of the New Infrastructure Model

  • 1.  MSUG - Moving to MAS - Impact of the New Infrastructure Model

    Posted 11-14-2023 07:26
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    Following the successful completion of the Maximo Solutions User Group (MSUG) event, we are pleased to announce that recordings from each session will be made available to the community for extended engagement and discourse. We invite members to submit any further inquiries they may have for the speakers in the space provided below.

    Session: Moving to MAS - Impact of the New Infrastructure Model

    Presented by: @Troy Elsen, Projetech

    Access the Recording:

    Summary: In this presentation, Troy Elsen, the Director of Cloud Infrastructure Operations, discusses the impact of the new infrastructure model on moving to Maximo Application Suite. He explains that while the managed namespace in MAS remains largely unchanged, there are significant changes below that level, particularly in the container runtime. The new infrastructure model offers benefits such as consistency, scalability, portability, and a shift in mindset and skillset. Containers allow for faster startup and availability, as well as decoupling dependencies. Operators enable desired state management and scalability. Portability options range from on-premise to public cloud or hybrid solutions. The shift in mindset involves adopting a cloud-first mentality and embracing microservice architecture. Skillset changes include understanding persistence, monitoring, and licensing. Lastly, the new infrastructure model requires managing databases and offers the possibility of deploying multiple instances of different applications on a single OpenShift cluster.




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