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MSUG - Smart Facility Operations - ReThinking Infrastructure

  • 1.  MSUG - Smart Facility Operations - ReThinking Infrastructure

    Posted 11-14-2023 07:18

    Following the successful completion of the Maximo Solutions User Group (MSUG) event, we are pleased to announce that recordings from each session will be made available to the community for extended engagement and discourse. We invite members to submit any further inquiries they may have for the speakers in the space provided below.

    Session: Smart Facility Operations - ReThinking Infrastructure

    Presented by: @Steve Bisch, & Marco Viola, EDI/Arora Engineers

    Access the Recording:

    Summary: In this webinar, representatives from Arora Engineers and EDI discussed the topic of Smart Facility Operations by Rethinking Infrastructure. They introduced their Arora Atlas integration and mobile platform, which integrates with Maximo and allows for better decision making and data-driven solutions in facility management. They provided a case study of Salt Lake City Airport, where the implementation of their EAM system transformed data management and led to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. They also highlighted the importance of data quality, integration with other systems, user training and adoption, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement in facility operations. Additionally, they discussed the use of digital twin technology and indoor GIS capabilities to enhance facility management.

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