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  • 1.  Non prod server space high

    Posted 12-18-2023 13:16


    Our dev server has almost reached its entire disc space. I found that there are many heapdump files,snap files,configdb files stored from last 2, 3 years. Can we delete those to clear the space?

    Any suggestions or alternatives ,that you suggest?

    Also, is there any harm in deleting the mentioned files?


    Trisha S

  • 2.  RE: Non prod server space high
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-18-2023 15:17

    Heap dump files are large and should be cleaned up. If you have anything recent, you probably should keep them somewhere and send them off to IBM support to analyze the cause of the heap dump to make sure you don't have an ongoing problem. 

    Steven Shull

  • 3.  RE: Non prod server space high

    Posted 12-19-2023 05:32

    Thanks, Steve.

    I found most of the heapdump and jabacore files sre from 2018,19. Some snap files too. Also, some configdb and restorefrombackup files from 2018,19. Very few heapdumps or configdb files from this year.

    So can you please suggest if the snap files, configdb, restorefrombackup files can be safely deleted? Those r all from 2018,19.

    Trisha S

  • 4.  RE: Non prod server space high

    Posted 12-19-2023 07:57

    The snap files, configdb, & restorefrombackup are not needed for Maximo to operate so they can be deleted. Sometimes there is value in keeping the configdb logs because that data is not persisted in the Maximo database. On a few occasions I've looked back through configdb files to understand when something was done to potentially understand what may have gone wrong. For example, I've seen custom attributes get added that don't get added to a view that later cause issues as a customer starts to use that for the first time. The older those files are the less likely they are to be important, but they're often small enough and have some value that I don't typically worry too much about them. 

    Steven Shull

  • 5.  RE: Non prod server space high

    Posted 12-28-2023 04:47

    As Steven says the files can indicate serious problems.

    You say that the files are very old and if the Maximo/WebSphere components has been upgraded then they are probably no longer relevant.

    If you do see heapdumps/.core/javacore files, described as dump files below, generated in the future then it is best to:

    • get details of the processes that were ongoing at the time
    • copy the JVM logs for the same time period
    • move the dump files into a safe space for analysis - the heapdump/core dump files will be very large but they will compress down to a smaller size

    If your organisation doesn't have the skills to analyse these files then others e.g. IBM or Cohesive can certainly do that for you.

    From my experience it can be difficult getting IBM Support to analyse these cases so we offer consultancy in this area.

    mark robbins
    IBM Champion 2017-2023 Inclusive
    See my blog on Maximo support related topics here: