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  • 1.  Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-12-2024 11:16
    Edited by Trisha S 01-16-2024 05:01


    We have a requirement to make all descriptions and long descriptions of asset and jobplan to make readonly except for MAXADMINS. 

    For this, we have created condition: if logged in user is not in maxadmin group

    Then global restrictions for object ( for asset application and jobplan app) and attributes long descriptions and description. Type -readonly 

    Now this is working for asset app but not for jobplan.

    When we are opening records for first time in jobplan, the description shows as ready only but as soon as we make any changes to any of the fields( not saving) ,the field becomes editable.

    Now we also turned on admin mode to check if any script is getting triggered but in admin mode also we could replicate the issue.

    Can anyone suggest what else should we check or has anyone faced anything like that? Please share and suggest

    Thank you


    Trisha S

  • 2.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-12-2024 15:42

    Can you share your system information? I tried this in a environment (specifically Tivoli's process automation engine Build 20220823-0909 DB Build V7613-344 HFDB Build HF7613-125) with a series of differences (reevaluate enabled and disabled, application specified on the global data restriction and not, etc.) and I could not recreate it. It's possible this was an issue fixed in an earlier version.

    In case it helps, here's an example of my data restriction configuration.

    Steven Shull

  • 3.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-15-2024 03:07

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for responding.

    Our system info as follows:

    Ibm was

    Tivolis process automation engine Build 20190514-1348 DB build v7611-365

    Trisha S

  • 4.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-15-2024 18:47

    Hi Trisha,

    I'm curious about the use case as this affects the implementation of the solution.  You've said all but the users in the MAXADMIN group cannot edit the description/long description in the asset and job plan.  Let's take each on merit.


    If as a user, I am creating an asset, I should be able to edit any field.  The thing is that not many if any fields become read-only when the asset becomes active.

    So, the question is "Should a user be able to edit the asset when it is active?"

    Now, let's consider the nature of the description.  The description can be built when a classification is added or edited providing that the classification has been marked to do so.  Of course, once applied it can be overwritten by the user.  So, is it a case that you don't want them to manually override?

    Job Plan

    If as a user, I am creating a job plan, I should be able to edit any field until the JP is made active.  At this point, the JP becomes read-only if you have versioning turned on [the default].  Therefore, I don't see a need for the requirement.

    It could be that you are classifying each JP and you want the description from the classification to become the work order's description which can only happen if the JP or JP and PM descriptions are blank.

    Craig Kokay
    Principal Consultant


  • 5.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-16-2024 05:00

    Thanks, Craig.

    Actually there is some important activity going on , because of which client want to make the descriptions read only for the time being. 

    The issue is it is working with asset but not with jobplan. As you said if jobplan is in active status jp should become readonly but in our case this is not happening and if we are trying to make it via condition then after clicking something or trying to change value of some other field, the description is becoming editable by its own. 

    We are trying to understand what is causing this. Can this be a version issue? Is anyone using

    Trisha S

  • 6.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-16-2024 11:03


    Our System is also Tivoli's process automation engine Build 20190514-1348 DB Build V7611-365, only difference, we are on WebSphere 9.x.

    I also tested your requirement in our environment ( and was not able to reproduce the issue you are seeing in the Job Plans Application.  I set my Attribute Restriction on the Object/Attribute/Application as Steven has above but used an existing expression that was already in our system.

    One question that comes to mind is whether you are using the same Conditional Expression for the restriction on the Asset Attributes as well as the Job Plan Attributes?  Over the years, I have found that I must be careful when creating multiple expressions designed with the same desired outcome in multiple areas of the system (several copy/paste errors have tripped me up).  Also, when working with Security Groups, I have to be careful to be sure I correctly code the "exists/not exist" or "in/not in" to get the correct result for true/false to apply the restriction or not apply the restriction for the users.

    If you would like to supply some additional details, maybe the conditional expression code/global restriction particular settings, and which fields you are modifying in the Job Plan Application when the rule fails to function correctly; I would be happy to test it again in our environment.  I modified several fields when testing, and each time, the JP Description was still "Read Only" for a Non-MAXADMIN User...

    Steve Platt
    Georgia Building Authority

  • 7.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-16-2024 12:01

    Hi Steve,

    We are restricting the description for non maxadmin users.The condition we are using is:

    :&username& not in ( select userid from groupuser where groupname ='MAXADMIN')

    Always evaluate checked

    This same condition we are using for asset as well as jobplan.

    In global restrictions -> attribute restrictions

    Object Jobplan- >  attribute description -> type readonly and then using the above condition

    Please share your response 

    Trisha S

  • 8.  RE: Restricting jobplan description change.

    Posted 01-16-2024 13:14

    Hi Trisha,

    It looks like you are using the same condition that I used to test your issue initially, but even when I do not set the "Application" in the Global Restriction, everything still functions correctly.  The Description Attribute is continually Read Only for the user unless they are in the MAXADMIN Security Group.  I still could not recreate your issue, even when doubling up the condition and adding it to the User Group Restrictions as well as the Global Restrictions.

    I know that this may be a stretch, but have you checked to see if any of the users that are experiencing the issue have multiple sessions in Maximo or maybe have not logged out since you set the Global Restriction?  Since it involves Security, the users would need to log out an back in again before they would be held to the condition.  I have seen this occur before where a user had an extra Maximo Session that was over a year old and it was preventing security group changes from ever being realized for the user, even though they were logging in and out of Maximo.  Maximo still saw the "stale" connection.

    You might also want to check the Job Plan Application for any Conditional Properties set in the Application Designer that might be in conflict?  Is there any customization in place that might be outside of the Maximo configuration tools?

    I will definitely let you know if I can think of anything else.

    Steve Platt
    Maximo Administrator
    Georgia Building Authority