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  • 1.  SSO on Maximo Mobile

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi there,

    My Maximo Asset Management 7612 is configured for Active Directory AppServerSecurity but SSO is not configured. I want to know if I can have Maximo Mobile for EAM configured for SSO without enabling it on MAM instance?
    I am thinking of having a JVM configured for both AD and SSO and using that for Maximo Mobile for EAM to connect to. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

    Sourabh Jain

  • 2.  RE: SSO on Maximo Mobile

    Maximo Certified
    Posted 22 days ago
    You need to configure WebSphere/WebLogic for SAML to be able to utilize it with Maximo Mobile. We have no middleware server and utilize whatever authentication scheme is configured for Maximo.

    You are able to configure special rules when configuring SAML inside WebSphere to filter which requests get intercepted. For example, you can specify that a specific DNS requires SAML while others could continue to utilize LDAP authentication. If your Maximo DNS is you could setup a secondary DNS of and configure the filter in WebSphere to only intercept requests when it's This would allow you to utilize something like Azure AD, Okta, etc. for MFA on mobile while continuing to use the AD username & password for legacy Maximo.

    Steven Shull

  • 3.  RE: SSO on Maximo Mobile
    Best Answer

    Posted 22 days ago

    Hi All,

    What is being asked, you could do as Steven mentioned is 2nd DNS for mobile, but if you want to not use SSO for the the MAM application users.
    In Websphere - Setup JVM 1 - Maximo Users LDAP enabled, with a corresponding and set the configuration for SAML to be disabled in the file. So when the application starts up it will use that value. 
    Setup JVM 2 - Mobile(We are assuming you are using Maximo Anywhere/Mobile) users with LDAP and SAML users, with a corresponding setup the configuration for SAML to be enabled in the file. You would then need to configure the buildmaximoear for UI and for Mobile.


    Roger Vallee
    Prometheus Group