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  • 1.  Unable to login to Maximo

    Posted 02-28-2024 04:48


    Today whenever we are trying to login to  dev environment, it is automatically redirecting to the logout page .   http://.../ maximo/ webclient/login/exit.jsp?langcode=EN. I am not getting anything in the logs.

    I tried restarting servers but that didn't help.

    Can someone help me and suggest what to check? Please share your response 


    Trisha S

  • 2.  RE: Unable to login to Maximo

    Posted 03-01-2024 05:42

    Hi Trisha,

    have you/your colleagues tried clearing the browser cache?

    or using a private window when you try and login?

    have you looked at the IHS access.log file to see what is happening with the requests e.g. are they being sent to a specific JVM that is having problems?

    have you checked that the maxadmin account is not blocked? it is unlikely to be this but it is always worth checking

    have you confirmed that the maximo database account is not blocked?

    Are you sure that there are no relevant errors in the logs when the JVM started up?

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    mark robbins
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  • 3.  RE: Unable to login to Maximo

    Posted 03-01-2024 07:39

    Was Maximo redeployed or any patches applied recently? Is Maximo configured to use LDAP authentication? If so then you want to make sure the Maximo application in Websphere is configured for "All authenticated in Trusted realm". You will find this in the Websphere Administration console under

    Applications > Application types > WebSphere enterprise applications > application_name. Under Detail Properties, click Security role to user/group mapping.

    If you also applied a patch then I would double check the web.xml files to make sure they are setup correctly for LDAP (assuming your are LDAP connected). I also check the Maximo Property mxe.useAppServerSecurity by querying the DB (select * from maxpropvalue where propname='mxe.useAppServerSecurity';)

    I typically go through the steps when a Maximo system is LDAP connected and it automatically redirects you to the logout page. There are some key configurations as I noted above and it's worth going through from beginning to end to make sure something was not reverted back to the default that can happen if a patch is applied.  Here is a document that you can use from IBM and there are many others like this. 


    Michael Marsonet
    MRM-EAM Consulting Inc.