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  • 1.  Water Outage Network Trace in MAXIMO?

    Posted 09-18-2023 16:11

    Hi all,

    Is anyone using MAXIMO to simulate water/electrical distribution system outages?

    The user identifies a point on a map where a repair is occurring, and MAXIMO identifies which assets (e.g. valves/switches) to close and which customers are out of service?

    Something like ESRI's Water Outage (



    mark foley

  • 2.  RE: Water Outage Network Trace in MAXIMO?

    Posted 09-19-2023 08:46

    Hi Mark, we've built custom map widgets in Spatial that call the Esri trace tools.  We've also done something similar with outage notifications inside a facility where power or water had to be shut off for maintenance and impacted a set of tenants.  It's been quite a while back, but I think we leveraged asset relationships and some additional configurations.  It never went to production because it's a lot of data to maintain in Maximo, particularly if you have it already connected in your GIS model, but it's possible.  

    Amy Tatum
    Starboard Consulting