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    Incorrect Materials submittal

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    When posting a PO# cost in the materials section of the actuals page in order to track costs, i accidently wrote the work order ... More

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    Users Management in SAML Authentication

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hello Everyone, My understanding on SAML authentication in MAS 8 is very limited so please let me know if I am missing a point ... More

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    Control when a Service Warning is displayed

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    1 How can I control when a Warning is displayed when set in an automation script. I have an action script tied to a button ... More

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    Add record on ASSETSTATUS table

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hi All, This is my first time posting in MORE! Is there a way to add records to the ASSETSTATUS table via MIF (e.g. MxLoader, ... More

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    Get Shipmentnum for Outbound transaction

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    Good day everyone, I am trying to get the Shipmentnum from an Inbound transaction of Inventory Usage. I tried getting it via ... More

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  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    In an effort to get more proactive with scheduling, and resource load leveling, the organization is looking to move toward using assignments (typically, they have used the owner field to designate the one person ultimately responsible for getting the ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    The SLA application has various commitment types. Can someone share how the following types AVAILABILITY, DOWNTIME, RELIABILITY are applied. #Administration #EndUser ------------------------------ Ash Ferns ------------------------------

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    Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hello, Looking to get and all information regarding comparing data from Maximo with GFEBS. Specifically for completed jobs what is the easiest way to compare data and make sure information from maximo and GFEBS matches. Thank you for any help #Administration ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hi, There are a few key Communication Templates that can pull information from the source record and pass it along to a user. The best example is the default password reset Comm Template: Enclosed is your new Maximo password: {0} To log in and change ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hi Steven Apologies, this was stuck in my draft folder, wondered why I hadn't heard back! Thanks as always Pretty much all you've suggested below is in place, the link from SR is more about the business process decision to ...