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    Query for long description

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hello, I'm trying to write a query to retrieve all PM records that have the long description, but the system says my syntax ... More

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    Most recent workflow transaction

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    HI all, I am trying to get the WFTRANSACTION.TRANSID field and copy it to a field on my work order when the user routes the the ... More

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    Work orders won’t come up unless you go to advanced ...

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hello, we recently come across a problem and was hoping someone may be able to help please we searched for some work orders ... More

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    Integration of BIM project in Maximo

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    I'm looking for a use case and documents that can help me to start my first project of BIM integration in Maximo and how ... More

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    Missing Tasks

    Asked in: Maximo Open Forum

    We have a PM that has a job plan assigned to it. That job plan has 8 tasks (10, 20, 30, etc). When the work orders generate ... More

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  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Does anyone have any info on what is considered to be best practice for these two use cases? Thanks for any help you can lend! #EndUser #EverythingMaximo #MaximoUserGroups ------------------------------ Maureen Holland NBC Universal --------- ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Fellow Maximo Transportation users! We need your help in getting IBM to allow Item and Asset Warranty Contracts to have revisions! Please follow this link and vote on the very needed update! https://ibm-ai-apps.ideas.ibm.com/ideas/TRANSPORT-I-10 ...

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  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    OVERVIEW In many Maximo applications the specifications table is setup to show dedicated columns for alphanumeric value, numeric value and table value. The dedicated columns map to the three dedicated columns for the three different datatypes in the ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    I am having an intermittent / random issue closing Work Orders. The users are getting this message when attempting to close the last task. BMXAA2651E - The person should be a user, a custodian, or both. The error is bogus in as much as the user is set ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Open Forum

    Hi, trying to expose the standard services via web-service, this error is raised "BMXAA5431E - The Java class type java.lang.Number is not supported as a web service method parameter. Specify a supported class type, which can be a business object or ...