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 Add record on ASSETSTATUS table

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Fernando Corcuera posted 09-19-2022 10:04
Hi All,

This is my first time posting in MORE! Is there a way to add records to the ASSETSTATUS table via MIF (e.g. MxLoader, flat file, and etc.). Object Structure would be:
  • Main object: ASSET
  • Child object: ASSETSTATUS; relationship: ASSETSTATUS

I am trying to import Asset Downtime data but I am getting the error "ADD action not allowed on ASSETSTATUS object". I spent a good amount of time researching/testing in the hopes of data loading asset downtime readings but have no luck in finding a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Alex Walter
To add downtime you should look at the DOWNTIMEREPORT object. Be aware though that this object is non-persistent, and requires you to check the "Invoke Execute on Non-persistent Object" checkbox under the Advanced Configuration option for the associated Object Structure to function properly.

Hope this helps,