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 Are there add new record correctly and completely in child table

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Abdelrahman Elwakeel posted 07-18-2022 12:21


Are there add new record correctly and completely in child table (after with event/action ) use except jython - automation script or java, I tried use method add() and setValue() but there some other attributes not be add in child table. appear me Msg after I use it.

RiskAssess = riskAssessSet.moveFirst()
if RiskAssess is not None:
AssetMbo = AssetSet.moveFirst()
if( AssetMbo!= None):
if(not AssetMbo.isNull("STDACTGRPNUM")):
StandardActionGroup = AssetMbo.getString("STDACTGRPNUM")
desc = StandardActionGroup
desc = "empty"
ReiskReview = ReiskReviewSet.add()
if ReiskReview is not None:

(code is  is not complete, focus only on add() and setValue() )

BMXAA4195E - A value is required for the Standard Action field on the PLUSGRISKREVACT object.

But If use manual select from table domain than add record correctly and completely! 

Are there use code automation script like above?

example I have new field "Standard Action" in Asset Application and my goal copy and add record in Review Actions in Risk Assessment application from Standard Action Application after select Asset in Risk Assessment application (Maximo add-on "HSE")

I hope to clarify the problem Do you have the idea?