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 Crossover Domain - Custom Attribute

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Peter McDonald posted 09-05-2022 23:12
Hi Folks,

I'm having brain-fog, I've created a custom YORN attribute across three objects (SR(TICKET), WORKORDER, POLINE) and need to crossover through each. SR to WORKORDER is fine but whenever I add a line to PO and reference the Work Order the default YORN value (O) persists i.e. if the attribute value on the Workorder = 1 it is not carried across with other Work Order attributes.

A crossover domain has been created for the new attribute but to no avail; is what I'm trying to do even possible?


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Maximo Certified Steven Shull
This crossover has to be referenced on attributes on each of the object references. SR doesn't make a lot of sense in this context because you can't purchase anything for a SR so the only use case would be SR to WO crossover or vice versa, though most people as a business process don't create a SR from a WO. So you may not need to add anything to the SR object and just the WO object. 

On WORKORDER, it sounds like you have it working but you should add it to the out of the box TICKET2WO crossover domain (which is tied to the ORIGTKID attribute for follow up WOs). 

On POLINE, you would typically tie a crossover domain to REFWO. REFWO will store the actual WONUM for the work requesting that material, which could be a WO or a task. WONUM will only display WOs (no tasks) and could be the same as the REFWO. Because WONUM is a non-persistent display only value, crossing over on it would be unreliable as action/validation is typically suppressed (preventing the crossover from firing).

If you still see issues, on your crossover domain make sure you DON'T have enabled the "No Overwrite" flag on the column. If that is enabled, since it's a YORN field, it would never crossover because it will always have a value.
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Brian Legemaate
HI Peter, as I understand it, a CROSSOVERDOMAIN is used when I create a record (e.g. a WORKORDER) and I add a LOCATION to the Work Order Location field, AND then I want other parts of the LOCATION data (e.g. Supervisor) to automatically populate the Work Order Supervisor field.  In this case, if you are adding the WONUM to the PO, the CROSSOVERDOMAIN might work but ONLY if you add the the CROSSOVERDOMAIN in the PO WONUM domain field of the PO table in Database Configuration.  An easier way is to simply create a MAXRELATIONSHIP in the PO Table linking to the WorkOrder table via the WONUM field (e.g. relationship called PO_WONUM) and then reference the YORN field via PO_WONUM.YORN in the Screen.