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 Hide fields in PO based on person department

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Hung Truong posted 02-08-2024 22:11

Hi, I am trying to achive the following tasks:

The client wants to hide all the PO's total cost fields in the PO main tab's "Cost" section to all users who does not work in "COMMERCIAL" and "FINANCE" department. Using settings in the Security Group, please hide those fields to meet this requirement.

I am quite stuck on the part how to be able to extract the department attribute from person object and apply it as condition for PO object

I would really appreciate anyone can help


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Phil Runion


Based on the wording of your question it sounds like you are trying to use a global data restriction. If you and and want to check against the logged in user's person record an exists or not exists statement like this might work well as your condition. 

not exists ( select 1 from person where person.personid = :&PERSONID& and person.department= 'COMMERCIAL')

Checking against free text fields like I did in my example can by unreliable and cause lots of questions. My preference is checking to see if the logged in users is in a person group or security group. This still allows you to easily manage who can see the values but doesn't rely on a free text field. 

Hope this helps, Phil

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Hung Truong

Yes @Phil Runion
I figured out how to achive it thanks to your recommendations

Thanks a lot 😊