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 How birt report woprint.rptdesign (Work Order Details) works in Maximo

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Hung Truong posted 03-09-2024 08:50

Hi More Community,

I am currently learning about maximo birt report Eclipse 4.3.1

I have 3 big questions about how woprint.rptdesign works so well in the context of:

  • We don't need to specify the parameter (wonum or workorderid) but it will automatically return the current report or a list of report we filter in main tab)
  • How it manage to page break and using group so that when multiple work order records selected to print details, it will split each page for each work order record nicely 
  • Finally, I practice for myself a work order list but when I tried to hyperlink to woprint.rptdesign, It only gives me blank page and title: "work order detail

This is how configure:

Appreciate anyone helps me understand how it works, thanks a lot!