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 LINE TYPE OF INVOICE IS ADDED TO Material RECEIPT in Receiving application.. why?

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Channakeshava Gode posted 11-21-2022 08:30



Can you please help me with the below query?

In what scenario does Maximo create an INVOICE LINE TYPE entry for Material RECEIPT in Receiving application?


The scenario here is, I have a PO with poline of Material item type with Receipt Required? Is enabled and I’m trying to receive it through Receiving application.


The expectation here is it should have either a RECEIPT/RETURN line type created in receiving application. But I also see an INVOICE type created. Any idea why?


Poline with Item Type and Receipt Required? Is enabled:

Poline with Item Type and Receipt Required Is enabled

LINE TYPE OF INVOICE IS ADDED TO Material RECEIPT in Receiving application.. why?

LINE TYPE OF INVOICE IS ADDED TO Material RECEIPT in Receiving application.. why?

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Travis Herron Best Answer
INVOICE-type entries on the MATRECTRANS table happen when an Invoice reached its final stage (e.g. the PAID status or a synonym thereof), and for that POLine item, either the UNITCOST or the LINECOST on the PO was different from the corresponding LINECOST or UNITCOST on the Invoice.​​
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Michael Marsonet
This can happen if your Maximo setup has multiple currencies and the PO/Invoice is for a different currency. Maximo will record a gain or loss transaction when the Invoice status is changed to APPR. Check to see if the currency on the PO is different than your base currency and this likely may be the reason.

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Julio Hernandez
The INVOICE MatRecTrans record (or ServRecTrans record) is generated when an Invoice is changed to APPR (or synonym) Status, not PAID (or synonym) Status, when there is a difference in the Loaded Cost between the Invoice Line and the matched Receipt (MatRecTrans or ServRecTrans).  The LineCost or UnitCost may be the same, but if the Tax on the Invoice Line is different, the Loaded Cost will be different and the INVOICE MatRecTrans (or ServRecTrans) will still be generated.

It's possible that if you change the Status from ENTERED to PAID, skipping APPR, that the INVOICE transaction will be generated.  But most clients don't use the PAID Status unless they have a reverse interface from the Accounts Payable system to indicate when the check/payment actually went out.

The use of multiple currencies could also result in this situation depending on how your system is configured.