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 Maximo Attachments not working

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Trisha S posted 05-15-2024 22:55


The doclinks folder in which all attachments were there,is not accessible. Perhaps because it was in a non prod server and that has been decommissioned( with any prior information ). Now maximo attachments are not opening,shows" the requested url was not found in this server". 

The attachments may have been moved to some other server. How do i help users to get the attachments displayed?

Will changing the defpath in system properties application will help the current records which already are directed to old server, can also access the attachments or just the newly created records. Again if the new folder is in a different domain or server will only change to system properties will be enough or any other things to be taken care of?


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Alex Walter Best Answer

There are a few things to look at, and obviously depends on what version of Maximo you are running.

If you are running IBM HTTP Server and Maximo 7.6, then check your httpd.conf file. It will be located on the Maximo server in a path like 'C:\IBM\HTTPServer\conf\httpd.conf'. There will be two places that you'll need to make changes:

  1. DocumentRoot "C:/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs"
  2. <Directory "C:/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs">

Please note that if they've moved to a location on another server that you may need to provide credentials to the Windows Service that runs the IBM HTTP Server. Alternatively you can map shared drives, use UNC paths, etc.

Next, you'll want to update the following Maximo properties to reflect the new location:

  • mxe.doclink.doctypes.defpath
  • mxe.doclink.doctypes.topLevelPaths
  • mxe.doclink.path01

Finally, for existing documents, you'll want to update the DOCINFO.URLNAME data to reflect the appropriate path to the file.

Hope this helps,

Alex Walter
A3J Group

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Martin Fabra

Hi @Trisha S!

Do you know the path of the repository where the attachments are? If you put the path in a browser or file explorer, do you access it?

Because if you don't access through web browsing or files, maybe it's a permission... Maximo won't reach the place either. Perhaps the server is turned off, inaccessible, or has some new permission that restricts access. First, make sure that it is possible to access by file explorer or browser and then, if everything is normal, check why there is no access from Maximo and there, perhaps there is some routing problem from the Maximo APP server to the doclink server.


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Trisha S

Hi @Martin,

I was not getting the reply back thus responding like this. You are right the attachments are not accessible as the server on which the path was,  removed and kept in some other server ,maybe a different domain.

Now my question is, if i want to access the attachments  will changing the mxe.doclinks properties help to access all the attachments of the new amd existing records?

Or do i have to update the docinfo table for the existing records? 

If it is on different server, different domain what extra things should i take care of?

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Trisha S

Hi Alex,

What if I just want to update the existing records ( no new records are going to be created) will updating the docinfo.urlname help or will i have to change the path and all httpd file to have a link ?