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 Maximo-DB2 transaction logs "disk full" issue

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Adriano Gismondi posted 10-04-2022 09:00
Hi all, we have a Maximo installation for a customer (with DB2 version 11.1) and periodically we run into DB2 error for "disk full", which then requires deleting "dump.bin" and ".log" files to free up space and get DB2 up and running again. IBM support advised us to have our DBAs better configure transaction logs, but we don't have any available. Anyone know how to fix? For example through optimized settings of some DB2 configuration parameters? Currently we have the following main parameters values: LOGFILSIZ=8192; LOGPRIMARY=20; LOGSECOND=100; LOGARCHMETH1=LOGRETAIN; LOGARCHMETH2=OFF.
Many thanks in advance