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 Start & End date not matching Scheduled in Graphical Scheduler

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Elliott McRobert posted 08-16-2022 23:18
Hi Team,
I'm a newbie to using the graphical scheduler and i've run into an issue. as shown in the attached some of my records have a mismatch between the start / end dates and the schedule start / end date. I've tried refreshing, committing etc. When I try to edit them manually I'm not allowed. It also shows a blank in the resource, however when i got into the individual work order I have a resource committed. Any ideas?
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Michael Marsonet
I strongly encourage you not to compare Scheduled Start/End Dates with the Start/End Date columns as there is complex logic that is used to determine the Start/End Dates. Here is what I know and how it is determined/calculates

1. It checks if there is a Scheduled Start/Finish Date on a Work Order or Work Order Task to determine Start/End Date. If it does not exist then
2. it Checks Target Start/Finish and if it does not exist then 
3. Uses Reported Date plus the Duration to calculate the Start/End Date.

Now you also have to consider if you are looking at just Work Order (Top Level) or if you are including Task Work Orders. Each Task Work Order also has these dates and will be used to display the Start/End for the Tasks. The main or Parent  Work Order will then readjust Start/End Dates based on the earliest date (Target or Scheduled depending what is populated) Task Work Order and the latest Finish date (Target or Scheduled) that is on the Tasks. 

Lastly I strongly encourage any one that is starting to work with the Scheduling applications to install the latest iFix for Maximo TPAE. Each iFix includes a number of fixes for the IBM Scheduler applications and there have been problems in the past with dates and refreshing the schedule.
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Jamal Malik
It sounds like you have two or three different issues.  
1.  "Start / end date" is the planned duration for the work order.  Depending on the work type, (PM) it is probably set by a Planner from the Job Plan or PM application.
2.  "Scheduled start / end date" is the time the work order has been scheduled to be done. Probably set by the Scheduler.
3.  Depending on your role,  you may or may not have privileges' to change / modify the dates in the PM or Job Plan record because it is an approved record.
4.  If your resources field is blank, then it sounds like it is a PM work order that was created from a Job Plan that did not have a labor resource identified.
5.  If a resource is committed to perform the work, then that could possibly been done by your scheduler / supervisor.

Graphical Scheduler and Assignment Manager is designed to accommodate several roles.  In most cases, each role is focused on either planning, scheduling, dispatching or supervising.  If you are a System Administrator, you should have the necessary authorization and access to make any modification to an approved work order.  If not, then making changes to approved work is going to be difficult.
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Elliott McRobert
that doesnt seem right as some I can edit and the records are complete. not sure whats going on
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Elliott McRobert
ok i seem to have figured it out. if there are subtasks i need to schedule them individually. wonder if theres away i can get around that.
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Matis Dovydas


I have similar problem with resource field - it's blank. 

I just tried this and dont know why I'm having that issue:
Did everything that was written in that link. Maybe you can tell me where to look or find some settings? 

Thank you!