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 Update Material Status Action Button Missing

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Bill Steudler posted 03-08-2023 16:22

The material availability status on work orders feature consists of four attributes.  In documentation and preview sites, the field named "Material Status Last Updated:" shows an action button to trigger on demand an update so the other three fields display the most current data.

The work order tracking application in our environments is missing the action button.

I would like to add this back and cannot find information on how to do this.  The current IBM preview site is down.  I was hoping to see some hints from their environment.


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Alex Walter Best Answer


Here are the XML elements for the Storeroom Material Status, Direct Issue Material Status, Work Package Material Status, and Material Status Last Updated fields from the Work Order Tracking application:

<textbox dataattribute="STOREROOMMTLSTATUS" id="main_grid7_3" menutype="STOREROOMMTLSTATUS"/>
<textbox dataattribute="DIRISSUEMTLSTATUS" id="main_grid7_4" menutype="DIRISSUEMTLSTATUS"/>
<textbox dataattribute="WORKPACKMTLSTATUS" id="main_grid7_5" menutype="WORKPACKMTLSTATUS"/>
<textbox dataattribute="AVAILSTATUSDATE" detailimage="img_refresh" id="main_grid7_6" menutype="AVAILSTOREROOMDATE"/>

Hope this helps,

Alex Walter