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 Work Order Tracking status change from list view

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Petra Harris posted 11-01-2022 08:30
We're on MAXIMO 
Two weeks ago one of our staff "accidently" completed almost 5000 work orders. Obviously, he wasn't paying attention. 

My question is:
Can I reduce the number of records for the status change? Currently the limit is 5000. I'd like to lower it to 1000. 

I submitted this to the company that's we have a support agreement with, but have not received a response.
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Sandy Allred
Hi! We had the same issue. We handled this in a couple of different ways.
The first thing was to make the user select the records to be changed before the status change could be made
  1. Database Configuration --> More Actions --> Messages
  2. Search for the Message Key ConfirmListAction
  3. Open the record and remove the check mark next to OK?
  4. Click [OK]
The user will then need to use the "Select Records" check box and select the records that will be changed

To set the number of records that can be selected above
  1. System Configuration --> Platform Configuration --> System Properties
  2. Search for the Property Name maxselectrows
  3. Set the "Global Value" to whatever you want the limit to be
  4. Save
  5. I believe you need to stop and restart the Websphere Application Server for this part
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Jeremy Boyer
We had the same issue and have put in place the same solution below.  However, there is collateral damage.  By doing this you become limited to using the "Select Records" option when Reconciling Balances, Creating PM Forecasts, Generating Work Orders from PM, etc. which is painful.  I'm interested in other possible solutions to this problem.
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Petra Harris
Thank you for the responses. The contractor finally got in touch. She seems to think we can add restrictions to the user group. I will post once we have a solution.
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Maximo Certified Steven Shull

I recommend opening this as an idea ( Having a way to enforce a reasonable limit here makes sense to me. 

What I would do to implement this is I would export the Library.xml in Application designer and modify the dialog with id="list_status" which is the WO change status dialog on the list tab. Replace the OK button's mxevent from beforedolongop to an automation script action that you define. In that Automation Script I would check how many records are on the list tab and throw an error if it exceeds your desired limit. If it's fewer than your record limit, call the beforedolongop on the dialog.

If you've never setup an action-based automation script, you need to tie a signature option to it in each of the applications (IE WOTRACK, QUICKREP, PLUSGWO, etc.) and grant that to your user. I've done a few screenshots and provided the source. I just wrote this and only did a little bit of testing but should work for your use case.

Library XML change



# Verify they used the select records or have fewer than our limit
# NOTE: Replace 10 with a value you want. Potentially even derive from a system property
if resultBean.getSelection().size()==0 and resultBean.count()>10:
    # Call out of the box beforedolongop

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Jeremy Boyer
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Petra Harris
Yes, I added the idea. Didn't know we could do that but thought I'd try. :)
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Jeremy Boyer

The idea was rejected/ "Not Under Consideration" with the following comment:

Kim Woodbury
Nov 16, 2022

Thank you for your submission. There are no plans at this time to introduce a change to this behavior in the next several releases. There is a clear warning that the user is given prior to making a change that effects a large number of records.